2020 Quilt Retreat - Oct 29 - Nov 1


The dates for the next fall retreat are October 29 - November 1, 2020. Attached to the NOVEMBER, 2019 newsletter is the updated registration sheet with prices and other details.

I've been asked why the guild has a fall retreat and why did we choose Haw River State Park. When the guild formed in 2012, the membership wanted to set aside a time that we could get together and quilt without the hassle of dealing with meals or other distractions. The initial retreat was only two nights, but we quickly realized that we LOVED quilting together and had such a GREAT time that we should make it three days. We get to know each other well on these retreats. It's low-key, low-maintenance, and just so much fun. We laugh as much as we quilt.

Haw River State Park was chosen for several reasons. First of all, it's close by. The initial guild membership wanted to make the retreat available for day campers as well as those who stay overnight. And we didn't want those members that came after they got off work to have to drive for hours. The second reason we chose HRSP was the price. The guild charges each member only $5 more than the actual park price for reservations. The additional $5 goes towards the next year's deposit. So, we've worked really hard to make the retreat affordable. The minimal deposit must be made by January 1, and as long as the balance is paid by September 1, you can break the balance into as many payments as you're comfortable with. And you can choose to stay one night, two nights, or three nights. The last reason the park was chosen is that meals are provided with the cost of the room. No cooking. No searching for restaurants. No waiting for Dominoes to deliver.

The park provides us with a well-lighted, large sewing room, steps away from the cafeteria. They also provide tables and chairs. And since it's a state park, it's completely handicapped accessible. There are no steps that you have to lug your sewing machine up or down.

If you've never attended fall retreat, give it a try!

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