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Round Robin

The Round Robin is a monthly project that encourages creativity and learning new techniques. For 2015, beginning in late summer, participants created a center block using only gray and white. Working on their own center square, participants then added three rounds of borders: September specified a 3" border of half-square triangles, using red and blue fabrics, be added to the center; October specified a 5" border, utilizing flying geese or square-in-a-square, in green and brown; November specified a 7" border, using circles AND rectangles, using blue-green and purple. The final round, in December 2015, will feature applique, with colors TBD. STAY TUNED for photos of completed tops!  Future Round Robin challenges will follow different guidelines, while promoting the same goal - experiment with color and stretch your creative techniques!


Many thanks to Sherri Fields for leading us on this adventure!

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